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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project Chronology

The following is a timeline of the Manhattan Project, the effort by the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to develop the first nuclear weapons for use during World War II. The following includes a number of events prior to the official formation of the Manhattan Project as the Manhattan Engineering District (MED) in August 1945 and a number of events after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, until the MED was formally replaced by the United States Atomic Energy Commission in 1947.

May 17, 1941
A National Academy of Sciences report emphasizes the necessity of further research.
June 22, 1941
Germany invades the Soviet Union.
June 28, 1941
Bush is named head of the Office of scientific Research and Development. James B. Conant replaces Bush at the National Defense Research Committee, which becomes an advisory body to the Office of Scientific Research and Development.
July 2, 1941
The British MAUD report concludes that an atomic bomb is feasible.
July 11, 1941
A second National Academy of Sciences report confirms the findings of the first.
July 14, 3941
Bush and Conant receive the MAUD report.
October 9, 1941
Bush briefs Roosevelt and Vice President Henry A. Wallace on the state of atomic bomb research. Roosevelt instructs Bush to find out if a bomb can be built and at what cost. Bush receives permission to explore construction needs with the Army.
November 9, 1941
A third National Academy of sciences report agrees with the MAUD report that an atomic bomb is feasible,
November 27, 1941
Bush forwards the third National Academy of sciences report to the President.
December 7, 1941
The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.
December 10, 1941
Germany and Italy declare war on the United States.
December 16, 1941
The Top Policy Committee becomes primarily responsible for making broad policy decisions relating to uranium research.
December 18, 1941
The S-1 Executive committee (which replaced the Uranium Committee in the Office of Scientific and Research Development) gives Lawrence $400,000 to continue electromagnetic research.
January 19, 1942
Roosevelt responds to Bush's November 27 report and approves production of the atomic bomb.
March 9,1942
Bush gives Roosevelt an optimistic report on the possibility of producing a bomb.
May 23,1942
The S-1 Executive Committee recommends that the project move to the pilot plant stage and build one or two piles (reactors) to produce plutonium and electromagnetic, centrifuge, and gaseous diffusion plants to produce uranium-235.
June 1942
Production pile designs are developed at the Metallurgical Laboratory in Chicago.
June 17 1943
President Roosevelt approves the S-1 Executive Committee recommendation to proceed to the pilot plant stage and instructs that plant construction be the responsibility of the Army. The Office of Scientific Research and Development continues to direct nuclear research, while the Army delegates the task of plant construction to the Corps of Engineers.
July 1942
Kenneth Cole establishes the health division at the Metallurgical Laboratory.
August 7, 1942
The American island-hopping campaign in the Pacific begins with the landing at Guadalcanal.
August 13, 1942
The Manhattan Engineer District is established in New York City, Colonel James C. Marshall commanding.
August 1942
Seaborg produces a microscopic sample of pure plutonium.
September 13,1942
The S-1 Executive Committee visits Lawrence's Berkeley laboratory and recommends building an electromagnetic pilot plant and a section of a full scale plant in Tennessee.
September 17, 1942
Colonel Leslie R. Groves is appointed head of the Manhattan Engineer District. He is promoted to Brigadier General six days later.
September 19, 1942
Groves selects the Oak Ridge, Tennessee site for the pilot plant.
September 23, 1942
Secretary of War Henry Stimson creates a Military Policy Committee to help make decisions for the Manhattan Project.
October 3, 1942
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company agrees to build the chemical separation plant at Oak Ridge.
October 5, 1942
Compton recommends an intermediate pile at Argonne.
Fall 1942
J. Robert Oppenheimer and the luminaries report from Berkeley that more fissionable material may be needed than previously thought.
October 19, 1942
Groves decides to establish a separate scientific laboratory to design an atomic bomb.
October 26, 1942
Conant recommends dropping the centrifuge method.
November 22, 1942
On the recommendation of Groves and Conant, the Military Policy Committee decides to skip the pilot plant stage on the plutonium, electromagnetic, and gaseous diffusion projects and go directly from the research stage to industrial-scale production. The Committee also decides not to build a centrifuge plant.
November 14, 1942
The S-1 Executive Committee endorses the recommendations of the Military Policy committee.
November 1942
The Allies invade North Africa.
November 25, 1942
Groves selects Los Alamos, New Mexico as the bomb laboratory (codenamed Project Y). Oppenheimer is chosen laboratory director.
December 2, 1942
Scientists led by Enrico Fermi achieve the first self-sustained nuclear chain reaction in Chicago.
December 10, 1942
The Lewis committee compromises on the electromagnetic method. The Military policy Committee decides to build the plutonium production facilities at a site other than Oak Ridge.
December 28, 1942
Roosevelt approves detailed plans for building production facilities and producing atomic weapons.
January 13-14, 1943
Plans for the Y-12 electromagnetic plant are discussed. Groves insists that Y-12's first racetrack be finished by July 1.
January 14-24,1943
At the Casablanca Conference, Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill agree upon unconditional surrender for the h powers.
January 16, 1943
Groves selects Hanford, Washington as the site for the plutonium production facilities. Eventually three reactors, called B, D, and F, are built at Hanford.
January 1943
Bush encourages Philip Abelson's research on the thermal diffusion process.
February 18, 1943
Construction of Y-12 begins at Oak Ridge.
February 1943
Groundbreaking for the X-10 plutonium pilot plant takes place at Oak Ridge.
March 1943
Researchers begin arriving at Los Alamos.
April 1943
Bomb design work begins at Los Alamos.
June 1943
Site preparation for the K-25 gaseous diffusion plant commences at Oak Ridge.
Summer 1943
The Manhattan Engineer District moves its headquarters to Oak Ridge.
July 1943
Oppenheimer reports that three times as much fissionable material maybe necessary than thought nine months earlier.
August 27, 1943
Groundbreaking for the 100-B plutonium production pile at Hanford takes place.
September 8, 1943
Italy surrenders to Allied forces.
September 9, 1943
Groves decides to double the size of Y-12.
September 27, 1943
Construction begins on K-25 at Oak Ridge.
November 4, 1943
The X-10 pile goes critical and produces plutonium by the end of the month.
Late 1943
John von Neumann visits Los Alamos to aid implosion research.
December 15, 1943
The first Alpha racetrack is shut down due to maintenance problems.
January 1944
The second Alpha racetrack is started and demonstrates maintenance problems similar to those that disabled the first.
January 1944
Construction begins on Abelson's thermal diffusion plant at the Philadelphia Naval Yard.
February 1944
Y-12 sends 200 grams of uranium-235 to Los Alamos.
March 1944
The Beta building at Y-12 is completed.
March 1944
Bomb models are tested at Los Alamos.
April 1944
Oppenheimer informs Groves about Abelson's thermal diffusion research in Philadelphia.
June 6,1944
Allied forces launch the Normandy invasion.
June 21,1944
Groves orders the construction of the S-50 thermal diffusion plant at Oak Ridge.
July 4, 1944
The decision is made to work on a calutron with a 30-beam source for use in Y-12.
July 17, 1944
The plutonium gun bomb (code named Thin Man) is abandoned.
July 1944
A major reorganization to maximize implosion research occurs at Los Alamos.
July 1944
Scientists at the Metallurgical Laboratory issue the "Prospectus on Nucleonics," concerning the international control of atomic energy.
August 7, 1944
Bush briefs General George C. Marshall, informing him that small implosion bombs might be ready by mid-1945 and that a uranium bomb will almost certainly be ready by August 1, 1945.
September 1944
Colonel Paul Tibbets' 393rd Bombardment Squadron begins test drops with dummy bombs called Pumpkins.
September 13, 1944
The first slug is placed in pile 100-B at Hanford.
September 1944
Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Hyde Park and sign an "aide memoire" pledging to continue bilateral research on atomic technology.
Summer 1944-Spring 1945
The Manhattan Project's chances for success advance from doubtful to probable as Oak Ridge and Hanford produce increasing amounts of fissionable material, and Los Alamos makes progress in chemistry, metallurgy, and weapon design.
September 27, 1944
The 1OO-B reactor goes critical and begins operation.
September 30, 1944
Bush and Conant advocate international agreements on atomic research to prevent an arms race.
December 1944
The chemical separation plants (Queen Marys) are finished at Hanford.
February 2, 1945
Los Alamos receives its first plutonium.
February 4-11, 1945
Roosevelt, Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin meet at Yalta.
March 1945
S-50 begins operation at Oak Ridge.
March 1945
Tokyo is firebombed, resulting in 100,000 casualties.
March 12,1945
K-25 begins production at Oak Ridge.
April 12, 1945
President Roosevelt dies.
April 25,1945
Stimson and Groves brief President Truman on the Manhattan Project.
May 1945
Stalin tells Harry Hopkins that he is willing to meet with Truman and proposes Berlin as the location.
May 7, 1945
The German armed forces in Europe surrender to the Allies.
May 23, 3945
Tokyo is firebombed again, this time resulting in 83,000 deaths.
May 31 - June 1, 1945
The Interim Committee meets to make recommendations on wartime use of atomic weapons, international regulation of atomic information, and legislation regarding domestic control of the atomic enterprise (the Committee's draft legislation becomes the basis for the May- Johnson bill).
June 6, 1945
Stimson informs President Truman that the Interim Committee recommends keeping the atomic bomb a secret and using it as soon as possible without Warning.
June 1945
Scientists at the Metallurgical Laboratory issue the Franck Report, advocating international control of atomic research and proposing a demonstration of the atomic bomb prior to its combat use.
June 14,1945
Groves submits the target selection group's recommendation to Marshall.
June 21,1945
The Interim Committee, Supporting its Scientific Panel, rejects the Franck Report recommendation that the bomb be demonstrated prior to combat.
July 2-3, 1945
Stimson briefs Truman on the Interim Committee's deliberations and outlines the peace terms for Japan.
July 16, 1945
Los Alamos scientists successfully test a plutonium implosion bomb in the Trinity shot at Alamogordo, New Mexico.
July 17 - August 2, 1945
Truman, Churchill, and Stalin meet in Potsdam.
July 21, 1945
Groves sends Stimson a report on the Trinity test.
July 24,1945
Stimson again briefs Truman on the Manhattan Project and peace terms for Japan. In an evening session, Truman informs Stalin that the United States has tested a powerful new weapon.
July 25, 1945
The 509th Composite Group is ordered to attack Japan with an atomic bomb "after about" August 3.
July 26, 1945
Truman, Chinese President Chiang Kai-Shek, and new British Prime Minister Clement Atlee issue the Potsdam Proclamation, calling for Japan to surrender unconditionally.
July 29, 1945
The Japanese reject the Potsdam Proclamation.
August 6, 1945
The gun model uranium bomb, called Little Boy, is dropped on Hiroshima. Truman announces the raid to the American public.
August 8, 1945
Russia declares war on Japan and invades Manchuria.
August 9, 1945
The implosion model plutonium bomb, called Fat Man, is dropped on Nagasaki.
August 12, 1945
The Smyth Report, containing unclassified technical information on the bomb project, is released.
August 14, 1945
Japan surrenders.
September 2, 1945
The Japanese sign articles of surrender aboard the U.S.S. Missouri
September 9, 1945
S-50 shuts down.
September 1945
Y-12 shutdown begins.
October 3, 1945
Truman advocates passage of the May-Johnson bill
December 20, 1945
Senator Brien McMahon introduces a substitute to the May-Johnson bill, which had been losing support, including Truman's.
January 1946
Hearings on the McMahon bill begin.
June 14, 1946
Bernard Baruch presents the American plan for international control of atomic research.
July 1, 1946
Operation Crossroads begins with Shot Able, a plutonium bomb dropped from a B-29, at Bikini Atoll.
July 15, 1946
Operation Crossroads continues with Shot Baker, a plutonium bomb detonated underwater, at Bikini Atoll.
August 1, 1946
President Truman signs the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, a slightly amended version of the McMahon bill.
December 1946 - January 1947
The Soviet Union opposes the Baruch Plan, rendering it useless.
January 1, 1947
In accordance with the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, all atomic energy activities are transferred from the Manhattan Engineer District to the newly created United States Atomic Energy Commission. The Top Policy Group and the Military Policy Committee had already disbanded.
August 15, 1947
The Manhattan Engineer District is abolished.
December 31, 1947
The National Defense Research Committee and the Office of Scientific Research and Development are abolished. Their functions are transferred to the Department of Defense.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Natassia Stevick>Azzurri-The Zoroaster QuraisyBanihasyim :
RE:The sexual harassment of women/FLOGGED

If Malaysia is so great, why would a woman be FLOGGED for drinking beer at a nightclub? mmmmhhmmmmm?
Azzurri-The Zoroaster QuraisyBanihasyim>Natassia Stevick

The truth is...She was not flogged for drinking beer at a nightclub, but for breach of contract which she volunteer to sign it before. She can free from any charge/penalty by declare herself as a non-Muslim. But she don't want and volunteer to be punished just to give lesson to others. That is the right fact my dear friend.

All the catholic Church here knew about the 73 groups of Muslims, 72 groups of Christian & 71 Groups of Jew. And which one is the right..? They are adviser of Malay King who directly from HM Queen Elizabeth & Church of England. Only 1 group from each of that would be accepted by Jesus and it cannot be tricked because proof by clouds, thunder, lightning and all eco-system which out of human control. We are waiting. Our Catholic Church here always said he (Christian) will come from one of U.S Church one day. We don't know is it right or wrong, but we are not prejudice.

We take it as a motivations. We want to know him one day. He is the one who close to Jesus Characteristic. All genius Muslim's, Jew & Christian would never fight for the truth because they knew that is not the way to proof something about true or false on religions/God's matter. The right way is all three head will pray to God according to their own way/method by 40 days. God will show automatically who is the right and who is the false. This process called "Mubahalah" and normally ending by either thuder/lightning/paralyz/crazy etc. but can be cure back to normal or otherwise die. Whoever interewsted to try, then our King are always open for that since more thann thousands years here. You can study and cvhecked our history. Welcome to Malaysia. The Central "Voodoo" for British Empire (this is highly top secret among the royal's family only...!!).... See More

That is why only Malaya independent without any fight from British (because they actually business partner). British astronomers(all King & Queen got 40 senior adviser in everything, including "Forecaster") who knew about it and that is why they don't want to fight but give independent through negotiate. You should know something, King Rama I of Thailand 1346 killed by Kelantan State Queen name "Cik Siti Wan Kembang" who can read all Jesus Speeches in seven languages without refer to the holy book. Without all this mystic and miracles/God's power, our King's (Biritish Monarchy- since 1066 & Malaysia King) would not existed since 785 - till now 2009. Our ancestors empire changes the name several times from Sri Vijaya, Majapahit, Tanah Melayu(Land of malay) and 1963 it is renamed & called "Malaysia" with 14 state inside.

We are always facing a lot of threaten from militant Indonesia and also Thailand. But every time our King under pressure by any outsider provocations, they will ask all 25,432 mosque, more 4,000 church, 6,421 Temple here including our representative in Ka'abah, Medina and Baitul-Maqdis will make a special pray to God at the same time/same day.
You can see it clearly, all around Malaysia including Phuket, Hattyai, Aceh are Tsunami, but Malaysia in central are save. Who save that if not God..?

And by that pray, normally all Tsunami, Earthquake, disease, or any disaster from God will automatically destroyed the enemy without any mercy anymore (total lost..!!) but our king's, just like America, even if Japanese surrendered, they didn't invade/occupied but forgive them. Why..? We all knew, because America(leader/president) also read the Jesus Speeches like us. Too forgiveness to anyone. And That is how we love each other. Luv u.
The white House>Homer Marchebout
Atavistic, retrograde, barbaric, Zorro. Shame on Malaysia... to punish women by flogging them upon such petty reasons is just plain wrong.
Not that I wouldn't enthusiastically applaud the public, televised, merciless flogging of corrupt officials in America: I'd even buy tickets to such event.
Sam Jr Ramly>Homer Marchebout
Dear Homer, I do respect your opinions regarding our Malaysia Laws. Why should I feel ashame..

God already gave us guidance through His Holy Book; Torah, Gospel to all humankind purposely how going to live at this planet earth. For instance, the couples must have legal married before having children like you did, isn't it? But now, American seems like forgotten about historic disaster Pompeii and yet allowing gay couples marriage. These is what will happen when any creatures ignore about the order from the Creator.

Please feel free to surf at http:/ahlulbait313.blog.com...or digging by your own at internet about Pompeii.... See More

Merry X'mas America.
(*just ignore this wishes to those who not believe in God)

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"Jika mereka meletakkan Matahari di tangan kanan saya dan Bulan di tangan kiri saya, supaya saya meninggalkan usaha saya ini, TIDAK AKAN SAYA TINGGAL-kan! Sehinggalah Wahyu Allah (A Statement of Truth) mengatasi segala-galanya".... zZ


Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing>> .. Any matters raised, I would like to say that the Islamic Empire ruled for 500 years was actually Islam that killed my ancestor, namely Saidina Hussain rd. (Grandson of the Prophet Muhammad SAW) in Karbala until the descent I had to hide in Iran (Persian Zoroaster-)-Hadramaut (Allawiyyin-Suffiyyah) and finally to Gujarati [(Delhi Sultanate-Sultan Ahmad Jalal AlAkhbar (Zoroastarian+Monghul)] > and the final Kingdom is PATTANI or Nusantara or 'The Land's of Malay'/Jawiyun...

Al-Jawiyun nama gelarannya, Tanah jawi tempat asalnya. Kemuncak zaman keagungan di abad ke 13.

and than The Last ZORRO (MQTK laa..!! http://bobspek.blogspot.com/search/label/HISTORY%20OF%20THE%20MASK%20OF%20ZORRO%20IN%20MALAY) zappP_____zZ .. InsyaAllah..

Then The Sultanate get 14 offspring of siblings and 7 to the East [(Federated Malay-Monarchy (YM Syed Hussein JamadilKubra Nusantara 1350M)] and 7 more people living in the continent of India (India-Pakistan-Afghanistan), two streams of Islam distinguishes this continent with the Islamic Middle East or Islamic Modern hybrids or Islamic or any name in Islam, but conditions still have 73 Islamic groups, but split up Resurrection.

Ahlulbayt for hunting and is killed by the Muslims themselves who do not like the direction that God's love in Ahlulbayt. Then Ahlulbayt killed and hated until now. Because Islam is the belief that elected caliph of Ahlulbayt. Those murderers saidina Hussein (Grandson of the Prophet Muhammad ) this is the hadith that rotate (Words by Prophet Muhammad SAW) and said it was the basis of Islam. This problem should be resolved by our IMAM.. (last task given)!

3:33 Allah chose Adam, Noah, Abraham Family (Ahlulbayt) and Imran Family (Jew and Christian) than from other nations in his day; as a descendant of a descendant of the other. "

61:4. O you who believe! Be you helpers of Allâh as said 'Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), to Al­Hawârîûn (the disciples): "Who are my helpers (in the Cause) of Allâh?" Al­Hawârîeen (the disciples) said: "We are Allâh's helpers" (i.e. we will strive in His Cause!). Then a group of the Children of Israel believed and a group disbelieved. So We gave power to those who believed against their enemies, and they became the uppermost.


Keliru Abraham ke Ibrahim? Musa ke Moses? Haurn ke Aron? Ishak ke Isaac? Muhammad ke Ahmad? Isa ke Jesus? dan yang mana satu jantannya dan yang mana betinanya?..hahaha..

Tidak Kami tinggalkan melainkan tertulis dalam KITAB yang NYATA sebelum peristiwa itu berlaku; supaya kamu tidak bersedih hati di atas apa yang luput daripada kamu dan tidak terlalu bersukacita di atas apa yang telah Kami kurniakan pada kamu." (alquran)


King's of The Los Kingdom/.. zapp___zZ The Last ZORRO 1909M/BobspekRockers alKubra/Azurri68...


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'PERISTIWA TRAGEDI KAIN CINDAI' -DYMM Sultan Kelantan, SULTAN MUHAMMAD KE V dari titihan Raja Long Yunus, yang mana Raja Long Yunus telah dilantik oleh datuknendaku Tengku Sri Maharaja Datuk Perdana Menteri LONG GAFFAR (1576M) menjadi Sultan Kelantan dan dipanggil 'Pemerintahan Raja Dua Bersaudara'. Dalam "Tragedi Kain Cindai' itu, Raja Long Gaffar telah membunuh Sultan Kelantan di masa itu, iaitu Raja Long Pandak dan menukar Sultan baru (Raja Long Yunus). Kemudian Datuknendaku membuat pemerintahan HUDUD YANG PERTAMA DI KELANTAN dan berpusat di pondok LIMBAT; Wasiat Raja Long Gaffar pada Raja Long Yunus; "ADIK! KAMU DUDUK DALAM ISTANA, BIAR ABE PEGANG RAKYAT"


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>>> Warisan Siti Qantura-Nabi Ibrahim (Yunnan) adalah Puteri yang ketiga bernama Puteri Linang Cahaya; yang berkahwin akan dia dengan Ketua Wali 7 di Nusantara, Syed Hussien JamadilKubra @ Jamaluddin AlAkhbar @ salasilah alKubra, dari kerajaan kesultanan Delhi/Deccan (Zoroaster-Monghul-Ahlulbait); yang BERWASIAT KEPADA ZURIATNYA SUPAYA, 'JANGAN MAKAN IKAN KEKACANG'..!! Maka dari keturunan keduanya lahirlah Syed Ali Nurul Alam (Empayar PATTANI) Yang juga digelar Sultan Qumbul atau Patih Gajah Mada, Merupakan moyang kepada Wali Songo yang ternama itu. Dari keturunan keduanyakah akan lahirnya Bani Tamim itu? Yang disebut 'PEMBANTU AL-MAHDI DI AKHIR ZAMAN'...??!! yang mana akhirnya Bani Tamim akan menyerahkan kekuasaannya pada seseorang yang digelar AL HASYIMI .... wallah'hualam..

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"Wahai Muawiyyah! Bagaimana kami harus mengikut kamu di dunia ini sedangkan kami adalah KHALIFAH kamu di akhirat. Dan bagaimana kami perlu mengikut kamu di dunia ini sedangkan kamulah yang perlu mengikut kami di akhirat nanti".



"Kalaulah Tidak kerana aku mahukan RAHMAT ALLAH (alquran) tersebar di antara kalian, nescaya aku tidak akan berbicara dengan kalian semua"


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