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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


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Here we will discuss about the Holy amri (heart) that are broken down and detailed debate about the course or Holy Holy tamyiz amri or qalbun (heart). That is the spirit that distinguishes between humans, spirits and angels and animals.

Having studied the scriptures of Islam, we find all sorts of names or terms of spirit given by scholars. Even in the Quran we can see that there are all sorts of names. Among the most famous is the spirit. Sometimes it is called the qalbun - hearts, fuaadun - hearts, or Holy latifatur-rabbaniah amri). In Malay it is called heart, soul, conscience or heart. But the famous is the spirit alone.

Spirit that we are talking about is, if he is heartless like sad, happy, happy, amused, angry, or so, then it is called the soul or heart or soul.But when he willed, strong or to stimulate the desire is either a positive or negative, good or bad, is allowed or not, the lawful or unlawful, in the time it is called spirit, heart or soul again. But it is called lust. If at the time it was thought, study, evaluate, monitor and investigate, so he called reasonable.

If so its description, the passion, spirit, or sense this is a fact. It makes sense at the time he was called to think, investigate, assess, monitor and investigate. Whereas if the heartless, it does not make sense anymore called, otherwise it is called soul or heart or soul. But when he wishes, either willing or stimulate a desire that a positive or negative, good or bad, is allowed or not, the lawful or unlawful, in the time it is called lust.

If so even though he has three names, or three terms, but it is just one. The same thing also. Just not the same kind of role. That is not the same role that made her name not be the same or different name.

For this simple show: man lied when he was called a liar. When he called deceitful trick. But when he called a thief to steal.When he led was called the leader. Called a liar, liar, thief and leader, is essentially the same person. Just a different name if its role exchange. Why the same physical can arise different terms? This is because its role is not the same. What, when name is different, different people? No! The same person also.
Keep in mind, when we talk about this spirit, rather than also we want to examine the nature of spirit or ain review examines the nature of the substance or spirit. because the substance or essence of spirit that will not be visible to the eye of the head. because he is jismullatif), ie objects that are subtle or abstract maknawiah. Namely can not be seen by eyes but feels that there is. This is what Allah has in His word:

The point: "They asked thee, O Muhammad about the spirit. Say this to them, 'The Spirit is the business than my God' ... "(Al Israk: 85)

From this verse we understand it can be that free spirit nature would not be reached by the eye of the head. Substance spirit will not be a lot of rethinking by reason. We do not know how he looked. For no one can be seen by the eye of the head. But felt by the heart will be there.So, therefore, the fact that the spirit can not be thought by mind how it looks, how the shape, how thick or long. It could not have imagined. Only Allah knows, and no creature knows.

He said the fact that although the spirit or soul substance is not known and could not be reached by the mind and eyes, but there are also scholars who berijtihad about it. Among them is Imam Malik. He once said: "the human spirit is the same body shape with the birth."
When Imam Malik was taken ijtihad, which means our spirit is fine as we are born body shape. This also means that even if God said it was the spirit of his business, the nature of the soul, God alone knows, and other creatures do not know, but there is no prohibition from God, if there is anyone who wants to study berijtihad.

For some people, may God give profound knowledge about this so he can reach them.That was the purpose of verses in the Qur'an which states 'it is the spirit of my Lord', God intends to most human beings can not know it but do not also deny that there are certain people in particular that God give the knowledge of the nature of this spirit so as to explain that matter's.

Following my opinion of Imam Malik, may also explain the nature of this spirit is not based ijtihadnya but also based on dreams. If based on ijtihad reason he can not possibly reach it because the spirit jismullatif (subtle body). He is the conscience that is maknawiah. Likened to light. Even light, can also be seen but the light is not visible or is he the type of light is hidden.

How well would diijtihadkan? Ijtihad was made on berketul objects or objects that can be seen. Objects that can be touched and felt. But the spirit, things that can not be touched, can not be felt and can not be seen by the eye of the head. So how about diijtihadkan. That's my view. Allaah 'nature.
That spirit was on the basis of whether a person is like a visual form of birth as Imam Malik's opinion?I think God gave him (Malik) MENTRI. He showed spirit. Spirit of jismullatif is formed, displayed the kind of personal appearance. 

If so what is meant by the Holy Quran that no one knows the essence of the soul, but God alone, it is to the public. However for those special kinds of Imam Malik, may Allah told him as karamahnya.
The opinion of Imam Malik is quite reasonable (reasonable), an acceptable and quite rational. For example, we did see someone we have never met or with the people we meet, whether alive or dead. What we see in dreams is similar to that of born persons. While the people we see in dreams the soul is not one. Perhaps the time is at home or in the natural sentence.

So at the time that he is spirit. Spirit met with the spirits. But why should the spirit of our dreams are similar to themselves? While not see his body but his spirit. This proves that the spirit of his body types as well. So this proves that it diijtihadkan by Imam Malik.

Similarly, people who care diyakazahkan see who has died. For example, see the Prophet, looking ancient scholars or anyone who knew him. He saw the Messenger of Allah's really kind. Or he saw his teacher is really kind of teacher, mother and father to see a similar kind of mother and father, without blemish. While they were dead. At that time, the views are his spirit. This also proved true opinion of Imam Malik in which the soul is similar to the birth itself.
As another example, the Prophet during diisrak and dimikrajkan was found with the spirit of the apostles and prophets. Prophet Muhammad saw them as they saw the bodies. This is also proof that the rational soul is the appearance of his body shape.

It may be well verse in the Koran that means that the text was specifically intended for those who disbelieve. That they did not understand about the journey of the spirit and function. God tells his lover, brought the Prophet they will not understand about this. Their disbelief that the menghijabnya (close) as my description of length about this in Chapter Mata Hati.That's why they are the direct cause is not understood.
Allah does not ask the Prophet Muhammad taken the trouble to go the hang of those who disbelieve it about this spirit. Because it is said that the spirit of God's affairs. It's not too mean to Muslims were also barred from reviewing any part of the spirit. Even Muslims must understand it seriously about this spiritual journey. If not how also want to improve? Or how about to perpetuate the character-character nature of humanity and not animalistic.

To this we must understand it and appreciate the nature of humanity-nature. The human heart is different from animal liver. because the human heart can receive commands and command ordered the ban. that's why he is called Ruhul amri. When the liver of animals is not so, then it is called Ruhul hayah.

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