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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Say a few words.

Praise be to Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful, Most wise, that is invisible and has knowledge of the Real, there is no god but He, the Almighty has no partner to Him, He is the beginning and the end, The Zahir Batin and that includes all things. Blessed is He who inspires the knowledge to whom He pleases. There is no power except by His permission.

Peace and blessings to the light for the light, the secret of all secrets, opening the door of Divine knowledge, the light heart and a healing heart of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and also bestow blessings to his family and dear friends.

With the guidance and the guidance of God all authors are able to describe in a brief pamphlet is a brief explanation on the point of view of Philosophy I Philosophy Sufis or Sufism to be a subject of research, reflection and criticism of readers.

I meant here is the self that we are as humans. This view is from the point of Sufis Philosophy (Philosophy of Sufism). If this argument is correct then it is from Allah, and if not correct then it is the author of his own lust. So with that, which made the study of right and wrong which sidelined.

It is best if readers refer to the explanation of this brochure or call the Science of the Leader of the cooking their knowledge in the field of philosophy of Sufis for the reader is not palpable, wandering the meaning conveyed in this brief pamphlet.

Final word, the authors ask God for forgiveness if there is a wrong mistake in this brochure and thank Him if it is true and correct writing. To Allah I return all of the business.


We often refer to ourselves seagai ME. We said, "Here I am", "This I have", "This is the body I", "Name I-si-so", and "I'm the father's name-unknown", and as his.

Have we ever wondered who I was we? What I us it? Who was I really?

But here the author tries to explain this I brkenaan opinion and views of Sufis Philosophy (Philosophy of Sufism).

This book or pamphlet containing an explanation on ME. Explanation or clarification of these readers would be a bit of information about what we are and who I really was.

Welcome memaca and understand.

The first explanation.

Have you ever wondered who I was?
Have you ever imagined that what I "we?

I was actually our SPIRIT us, not this gross body. Gross body will die if no ROH. If no SPIRIT, our bodies will be destroyed destroyed.

SPIRIT us is our true self. SPIRIT is alive and not die. ROH is also substance to ourselves.

ROH is also overflowing the Most of Life that is God Almighty. God is alive. He has the nature of life. But life (ROH) is a spillover from the life of our God.

ROH is also called the "shadow" Most Living. SPIRIT is a shadow of the Lord of Shadows. Imagine it is the Lord is God, and that is our SPIRIT "shadow" of God. Similarly, the opinions of the members of the Sufi.

God is not visible, is invisible and no one is like Him. How can we know there is something invisible and terperikan. Like the wind, we did not see the wind, but how do we know the wind is blowing and the wind is there? The answer, we know the wind is because there are effects. When the leaves of the swaying, we know the wind is blowing. If we feel that breeze, the wind is blowing, etc.. Swaying leaves and the breeze was feeling signs of wind. We do not see the wind but we know the wind through the signs.

So is the case with Allah SWT. We did not see him, but we think and believe in the signs. Signs of God is this great universe. The signs are in Arabic is "Signs."

Thus, the feast of the universe and ourselves are the signs of Allah alone.

ROH is very high prestige, than the angels. Place the sight of Allah the Most High. SPIRIT is the remembrance of Allah (Dhikirullah) seems to work just remembering Allah. As if eating drinking "Dhikirullah" only.

SPIRIT is constantly mentauhidkan holy God the Holy. Her stool iailah idolatry.ROH is so in love with God. He worships and praises Allah. He was her lover. Enough is Allah for him.

Similarly, relations with the SPIRIT of God, in the opinion of members of the Sufi.

The second explanation

Did you know that you I was coming from the SPIRIT of God, life with God, and return to God. He is the base starting point, a navigable sea and port stops.

If studied deeply you will realize that in view of spirituality that God is the starting point of our trip. He is where the journey itself, and God is also the final destination of this journey.

Place of departure, journey and destination referred to here is not from the physical point of view that are subject to space and time. Place the journey and the destination is here iailah from spiritual point of view, feelings, and fictitious (Thought) us.

SPIRIT I or we are the signs or the signs of Allah. ROH his shadow and discovery. From the spiritual point of view, God is the First, the Last, the Inward and the Outward.

A third explanation

I like the most is spiritual in nature. If I was cleared and the view through Dhikirullah training Sufi spiritual people, so I would achieve a level view of where they think there is a God, too. According to this view, there is no multi-level, stages, and various aspects, but it remains one. All that is visible, either the inner or outer, it exists only one, in fact. This is the view I like the most.

Explanation of the fourth

Once again I repeat that you are you and that ROH is actually yourself.

I was also the Ayatollah (the signs of Allah) as the entire universe, the unseen and the seen, there are signs of Allah SWT.

I was also called ROHULLAH (THE SPIRIT OF GOD) because it was blowing from the SPIRIT SPIRIT SPIRIT OF GOD or the overflowing of God.

I was also called Nurullah (God of light) because each soul is light. Called light because each was seen by a known light.Prophets of Allah is the light for the Prophets that we can know God through teaching and nurture them. SPIRIT SPIRIT is a light through it because we know it and 'see' God.

I was also called Ma'lum in things. " Ma'lum means 'to know'. He is the 'alim (who knows). Each knows the specific knowledge (knowledge). He is knowledgeable, that's why it 'alim. Each of the 'alim course there is science and there are things he knows. Things to note is held Ma'lum (known). God exists in His knowledge of science and there Ma'lum. SPIRIT we are including in the knowledge of God. Then we shall Ma'lum SPIRIT of God. So it is said that ROH Ma'lum the knowledge of God.

Explanation of the fifth

Or ROH that I can know God is not this gross body know Him. ROH Through this we know God. Containers or containers where God mentajallikan (express) itself to us is our SPIRIT. ROH is also called the heart. Not the physical heart but the heart of a spiritual. ROH that have an awareness (consciousness). Awareness of God wuudnya and attributes that appear in this great universe.The view that the disclosure or Tajalli is our SPIRIT.

Explanation of the sixth

I was really close to God. Me and God are not splitting up of the past, now and forever. Like the ocean waves are not divorced. Arising from any angle around the Universal Kingdom is still ME. It includes I left, right, top, bottom, front, rear, outside, in fact from anywhere. "Almost" and "Around" is not in terms of space and time can be measured by the length, width, depth, or in terms of time and timing. Near and around it is in terms of spiritual or religious views. Only those who are in spiritual experience only understand the meaning.

The universe exists "include", "includes", "blended", and "united" with ME. I absorbed in the realization of this Universe.

Explanation of the seventh

In terms of me or ROH or myself, I exist "united" and "blended" with the realization of God and the Universe. I looked at that God is spiritual and I was apparently. God is fact and I was his shadow.He was home and I derivatives. He was electric and I light. He was the mastermind and I stuffed. I motion moved by him.
This is the view of most in the spiritual.

Explanation of the eighth

Indeed, I was there (there). There exists the spillover of the Most Great (ie Allah). I live his life overflowing. I spill viable resources. Berupayanya powerful and I was overflowing power and effort. I bent and he too bent. ME requirements are subject to His will.

"Overflow" here means the gift or issue or the disclosure or release or impact.

That is the realization that God. Me and the great universe is overflowing the names and attributes that the All There. Every name and nature of God and I discovery in the universe is great.

That I view the spiritual nature.

Explanation of the ninth

I have the character of life or life science or knowledge, hearing, sight, or the power of nature, iradat or decrees, and to speak. All these properties are the properties of spillover from God alone.

I was not a real divorce and no separate attributes of God and God alone. I was actually exist diserapi by the realization that the Universe Raya. Iilah I view the spiritual nature.

Explanation of the tenth

I which is purely spiritual enough for him it was God alone. He is everything to ME. To God that I was complaining and hope. His eyes focused on God. Tenggelamlah I was in the sea of Divine Allah and in the area.

In the sense of belief in the absorbent in the ocean and the area is that, I do not feel afraid, do not feel jealous, do not feel discouraged fellow creatures.

As I view it, the creature was in fact nothing. Not a real creature exists, only a shadow of a shadow only the existence of God. Only God of all that exists. I therefore view.

Explanation to the 11th

While I was looking as mentioned in the previous enjelasan-explanatory, but I would not be a DIA (ie Allah). I still I, remain DIA DIA.But I, and he was "united" and "blend" seems to be the ONE. Like a union with the ocean waves, bersaatunya water with ice.

This view is not the view of the physical, intellectual and fancy, but it is the view of the SPIRIT SPIRIT is cleaned and training people to seek protection in the long term, with a Sufi teacher who specializes in spirituality and belief.

Explanation to-12

After reaching a high level view of the SPIRIT, SPIRIT is the only where there appear facing the face of God as if he were in any kind.

They said that having such views:

Most barely measurable

United with one heart piece

Most distant, but almost all

He Gerakku motion

He secretly Diamku

Follow-up actions he tandukku

They said again:

My life is his life emission

My shadow Himself

Picture of my nature nature

All of those words was just like, parable to describe the feelings and views of their ROH. Among other things they said:

If He is the sun I am the Light

If I'm the ocean He waves

If I am him saline salts

If I am her sweet sugar

I have a two comparable

But I chime in with Him

Most short while away most

Oh! How great that there

Wujudku drown in existence

In the presence of transient and Baqa.

Similarly, the views of those Sufis who have reached the stage feel as if coupled with the realization that God Almighty. They achieve this because they focus all eyes on the Almighty and the realization that love Him.

People who have never undergone a spiritual practice and did not know these things are deeply spiritual and has not been the way of spirituality, they do not attempt to try to interpret his own opinion-they are afraid will get lost.

Explanation to-13

I came from God. I was ma'lum (known) in the science (knowledge) of God. Then I was in the spirit world. When is time to be born into the world it would be blown into the baby in the womb. Enough time in the womb, he was born into the physical world with the w-shaped baby.

I will be in the natural world up until his death. Then he came into the natural sentence. After being so long, it will be considered on the Day of Judgement. I will go to heaven or hell. Hopefully should not go to hell. So I returned to Allah SWT. From God I came to Allah I return. Wherein there is life with the Living (ie God) forever. That way I AM. Travels from one universe to another universe.

Explanation to-14

I was actually kings. It just depends on the Most I (ie Allah). It does not have any. It exists only to receive spillover from the All There.

I should not be praised because it "empty." There is a Substantive only God. I do not praise Ghairullah (besides Allah) because the boy Ghairullah empty as well. That should be worshiped and praised only the realization that only Substantive.

I just a radiation from the Sun Deity. I just one of the ocean waves Ar-Rahman (of Allah). I only one verse in the composition of Al-Haq (the truth) of God. I just a grain of sand in the desert and the realization of the Most Covers is ample.I just a shadow of the shadow of the One Who is there. That I is not separate from the Lord.

Explanation to-15

I poor poor, weak, helpless and do not have any. Rich Raya, the mighty, the Strong and Competitive and have everything iailah is the Absolute and Almighty, that, too. That's God.

I go back to living his life. I motion back to the motion. I secretly returned to silence. I go back to the nature of nature. I go back to name names. I Practices to return to practice. I go back into existence exists.

It is true, I will return to Him, like the light back into the sun, like a wave back to sea. That is where I return true.

Explanation to-16

As the first, I was SPIRIT. That self. ROH is not subject to space and time. It is not the old rather than young. Young and old, and it was only for the physical condition of this world. All are peer-SPIRIT only. Prophet Adam AS peer with the Prophet Muhammad. We have grown up with our ancestors. That is so.There are no young and old to ROH. SPIRIT tercita simultaneously only once.

Then ROH is born into the world through the womb of our body as a cage or a sheath. He was born into the world according to a specified period. Who is doomed before he was born and whose parents were born and then he was young.

In terms of spiritual or kebadanan there is a young and old, but only in terms of age SPIRIT.

I was also not subject to the site. I is not the West nor the East. Not even from the North nor the South. I is not subject to direction and location.

I was also not subject to the nation. SPIRIT I or non-ethnic and not ethnic is. Nations that only exists in the real world. In the world I do not have the nations.

I was ma'lum the knowledge of God, exists in the form of HIS. I was the disclosure of nature. Similarly, I sink into the Most I (ie Allah).

Explanation to-17

I do not terkotorkan by urine and droppings. There is no physical waste that can pollute.Like sunlight, the light is shining on the stool and gross things, but the light would not be dirty. It illuminates the place and places fragrant smell, but the light will not be fragrant and foul, dirty or clean.

I was unclean in polytheism, idolatry, God says more than one. That stool for ME. I bertauhid is the spirit of the holy. ROH is in fact always believed in the existence of Allah mengesakanNya. Only after arriving did SPIRIT duni kea lam was tainted by worldly influences, the influence of the devil and Satan, the influence of materialism, greed and influence.

We need to cleanse our souls, or I go back to the original as Dhikirullah (to Allah) with the oral, hearts and deeds. Seek protection from the water like a wash and cleanse the absolute excrement I shirk from it. I was to clean out the transient '(self-feeling empty, nothing) and then reached another level to the' Baqa '(self-feeling is always with God). He feels there wherever we are.

I clean or pure self is the Oneness of God himself to not feel the self. That there is only PERSONAL IS STANDING ie God Himself.

Explanation to-18

I was not the real subject of skin color and race. I was not white, black, sweet, yellow, and so forth. As the color on the body. I have no color and no nations like the Chinese, Indians, Malays, Arabs and others.

Our bodies from the elements earth, water, fire, and air, but we are not ROH elements of this real world. I AM invisible to the naked eye, but it still exists.

I come from the most noble. I come from the Most I (ie Allah). I come from the knowledge of God into the natural body and then returning. Be that as ROH Nur Allah alone. He then returned to its original place to Allah SWT.

Explanation to-19

I was in fact a puppet, played by puppeteer (ie Allah). I was the one who is like another dagger iailah dihunus by warriors. I do not powerless effort, motion and still I was moved and silenced by God. I was overflowing from the existence of God.

God is real. I was just majazi or relative.If understood and investigated in depth, will feel that the unseen and the apparent and the beginning and the end is God alone.

In short, the view is very close to God, nature, and he disappeared entirely and God remained alone. This is seen by the SPIRIT of clean and pure and mentauhidkan themselves to the gods alone.

Explanation to-20

I was the ultimate Nurullah (Light of God) for the SPIRIT, God appears. Reveal something else is light. Gelitalah darkness without light to everything.

I also Ayatollah (the signs of Allah) because ROH is the signs of Allah.

I also called Rohullah because ROH is exhaled from the Spirit of God. That is the real ME.

I and the universe is God disclosure or tajlli. I was a small natural as all things in nature have a copy of this great discovery in natural or smaller.

The universe is also called the Human Kabir (great man) because everything in this small world is a big fact in nature.

Human Saghir (the small man) is away (ROH) and the Human Kabir man is great universe of the unseen and the seen. Human Nature is a small man and Saghir of the Human Nature of the Universe of Kingdom.

Similarly, the opinion of Sufis Philosophy (Philosophy of Sufism).

Explanation of the 21

In the natural world we say something is something the city and the village people or something that was in the office or at home. All it shows is where the real world. But the ROH is all there. It is independent of direction or time or place or time.

SPIRIT is alive. It is not subject to the real world or the nature of matter. SPIRIT is alive with the overflow of the Most of Life. So I ".

Explanation to-22

I was together with God, since the past and we will come or from beginning to end. Never divorced and separated with the Most I (ie Allah). Since the knowledge of God to get to the hereafter that there is no end, I stayed with God.

I do not go out and not included in the lengkongan God. I was indeed in lengkongan God alone. If God is likened to the ocean, so I was the fish. The fish is always in the ocean and would not live without the ocean.

'Enter' and 'Exit', 'split' and 'unite', not in the dictionary I. I is not like the gross body which is subject to space and time.

I entrust her fate to God and I ". Enough She controls and maintain the ME. I do not have on another. Do not need help from ghairullah (besides Allah), but no ghairullah in sight. God enough for ME.

Explanation to-23

I was stupid. He is mencerdikkan ME. He strengthens weak ME ME. I do not know who will give out. I kedanan dad who will enrich the ME.

I asked, begged, hoping in Him alone. As if I combine and unite and DIA where and when it comes. And He is the awareness (consciousness) ME.

Renunglah into the ME. He is the awareness of ME. And Most Subtle Art. I heard the whisper.In the silence, is best heard whispers of conscience. No letters, no voice, but I understand everything.

I knew him in the consciousness in relation to my soul because I associate him no. This is a result Dhikirullah.

Explanation to-24

I exist in the oceans that is yet available. I will always be in the ocean. That I reside in the ocean. That's the ocean there.

Explanation to-25

I do have consciousness, is aware of the spill (ie Allah). I include the real nature of consciousness and the supernatural, the natural world and the hereafter. I realize all of that. All that matters is my knowledge. I have the consciousness of God. Similarly, awareness creation in the ME. Everything in the knowledge that I AM I AM consciousness. Heaven, Hell, angels and demons exist in the awareness of ME. All that is within the knowledge or awareness that I was the disclosure of God in the awareness and knowledge of ME.

Explanation to-26

I always love to HE (God).Do not want to split up and away with the DIA. I always thought DIA. If you do not remember feeling doom. Worship and praise be to HIM alone. This love will not exist in the ME, if not with grace as well. Would I be in the council kerdilnya DIA.

Explanation to-27

From the view of pure SPIRIT, or ME, I do not have any, but it is owned by is the Rich (ie Allah).

I incorporated to live in this mortal world. I was also given a passion. If I overrun by the body and desires, then I destroyed it, but if I is menkluki bodies and desires, then I was Peace.

I bring us to God and to realize himself and his Lord. Greed led us away from God and forget the fact that we are. Thus it was carried away in solution error and forgetfulness and eventually he'll be sorry when he left his body. After SPIRIT separated from the body, then realize I was back to her real situation.

Explanation to-28

The body is very insignificant, like a grain of sand in the Sahara field, a drop of water on the high seas, a star in the heavens, on the edge melukut bushel, did not go out more and not be reduced. How small and kerdilnya body. That I face outward.

But if we're musing over the face of our minds, he was the most glorious, most high dignity, above all creatures and the angels. I was pure and fragrant, very close to the Divine. He is the Light of God, He is the verses of Allah, He is the SPIRIT of God, He is the shadow and the disclosure of God.

I was very precious essential, no tertanding the worlds. She celebrates every day, looking at God with love, longing for revenge not count. That is the real ME.

Explanation to-29

Different ways people want to know him or he admits. There is through meditation, meditation, emptying the mind, body menyiksakan mental training and so forth. But for oaring the Sufi is to seek protection from that taught by the Sufi teachers who are experts. With the chanting and the guidance of Sheikh Leader came to know a person at his or he admits.

Those Sufis have explained that "Those who know him, then it will be kenallah Lord." This is not meant to be God DIA. When a person is familiar picture, then it will be the kenallah described. When a person acquainted with the baying of a mirror, then it is someone who kenallah baying. Fahamkanlah!

Explanation to-30

People who enter the way Sufis (Tareqat Sufiyah) is really into odyssey of adventure he admits to God Almighty. Adventure is not from place to place or from time to time, but this adventure is a journey in consciousness I, circulating in the experience of spiritual or psychological. Only people who feel, not visible to the naked eye.

But after arriving at the destination (place of destination) the awareness that I was mortal in God and Baqa (permanently) with Him, then I realized that the adventure was just from unconscious to conscious. I realized it was in the beginning to the end destination. What destination? That awareness and recognition of God or in terms ma'rifat called Sufis.

In fact I was really being 'in' God and 'stay' with God since the beginning, the past, present and future. I was with, and 'blended' with the Lord. I was indeed covered by the sea There is Divinity.

Explanation to-31

In the ultimate stage I, it does not matter because the lower yag heinous would not lower the prestige. It does not matter who praises because it will not raise the praise dignity. I do not hurt the kejian and not proud of the praise. All is not anything to ME. Sinful and decadent little praise does not affect anything.

'That any' of God through whom I only place I go back, where I complain, give yourself a place, a place of refuge, where the defense of any savage, of the Jinns and men, from the world and whatever. Sufficient unto Me.

Explanation to-32

In awareness of ME, all these creatures and I myself also was merely Ayatollah (the signs of Allah). The signs of Allah, the signs of perfect, and its beauty alone.

When seen a sign, a sign tergambarlah. When viewed images, terbayanglah drawn. When seen swaying leaves, the wind appeared to blow. When seen baying, baying the owner appeared. Me and this great universe are the signs of Allah alone.

Explanation to-33

I believe that true and surrender to God I "(ie God) without doubt and hesitation. I memfanakan himself in the Almighty I AM. I felt the love That is how I him. Infinite affection to the ME, more than mother's love for his son. That is I love and affection to the ME. Trust me!

Explanation to-34

Sometimes I was skeptical and doubtful or uncertain feelings of love, Most Merciful. Maybe the devil whispering into the heart of that doubt and disbelief in a kind, the Most Gracious.

Therefore, I always seek refuge with Allah from the whisperings of Satan. Every time I fight the Evil Ones, and expect help from the Almighty Gagah (ie Allah).

Explanation to-35

I always surrender to Allah SWT. Submission round and solid. He submits himself to God himself like a baby to his mother, like a dead corpse itself to the bather, like a wave or wipe out his memfanakan into the lake. Even more than that again. Can not be described further.

Ang explanation to-36

I actually came from a high and noble that God dihadrat. Then came a minute into the planet Earth, and incorporated with the physical body for a specified period seems to wander a while on planet earth.

When enough is diperantauan period, I went back home to the place of origin. Like nomads returned to the village site. Not measure the heart to feel comfortable.

But if musing deeply and study, I remain at home. Not from the dank e where to go. When and where I was also at home as well.

I came from God, not even an inch and a second divorce. I stayed with all the time with God.Once I along with Him, with Him even now, will come together even comparable. I always with God.

I fixed it. I also, with God always. Only natural, only natural that gone differently, from an environmental TO THE OTHER ONE NATURE. I ALWAYS STAY WITH God, even in nature wherever located.

Explanation to-37

I is not impressed with the progress of mankind. Not impressed with the progress of science and technology, business and industrial development. Even I do not wonder at all things worldly.

I surprised by the iailah God that bestows wisdom inspired all that progress. He actually developed and He is wise. He has all the inspiration. Source of inspiration from the progress that has Ilham itself is God Almighty.

Explanation to-38

I was away. However, many human beings from the One Self. The self-SPIRIT. ROH that much, but coming from one of Al Spirit SPIRIT.

Al spirit is called by the Sufis as those Haqiqatul Muhammadiyah or also called Insan Insan Kamil or Kabir.Al Spirit is also called Al Ul Kulliyah Spirit (the spirit of the universe). Of the Universe is disclosed SPIRIT SPIRIT SPIRIT-the various and many such. AL Spirit of God proclaim and gentlemen of the Al Spirit SPIRIT disclosed. SPIRIT SPIRIT individual or individuals that radiation from Al and Al Spirit Spirit of God was published.

Similarly, some people view the Sufi spiritual philosophy.

Explanation to-39

I is not boasting to property, money, rank status, children, relatives and all the many ghairullah (besides God).

I do not envy the rich. It does not envy the people of high rank. As I view all property, money, rank, relatives, children, and so it belongs to God who dianugerahkanNya to whomever He wills. He is determining who should be given property and who should be a lot of property that gave a little. All is God who decides. Its provisions can not be refuted and disputed. Why do I have to envy and jealousy with its provisions. He who I praise and worship that I would delighted with its provisions.

Explanation to-40

I do not feel humiliated that poor, or bad corporate level, or rank, or not much of a friend or not a diamond. Everything is related to the mundane and material, not connected with the ME that is spiritual.

I reject with contempt if Allah. I despise when away with him, if you do not believe and not fear, that's a real shame on ME.

Explanation to-41

I goal is to Allah. Yang hoped the pleasure of Allah. He was asking the forgiveness of God. As I view the hereafter is the key. Back to Allah that the diidamnya.

I do not fear death (the life of the body part) as 'dead' really moving nature of the world's natural barrier kea lam. I also I fixed. Although the body was destroyed but I do not disintegrate. I will re-realized as the hijab hijab (the curtains) kebadanan been lost.

Explanation to-42

Even though this world is a daddy, but if you know yourself and the Lord, his soul, he still rich.Rich in emotions. Despite the hard life of his world, he admits still feel it. Although his body is weak, he admits still feeling strong. Although it is lonely without friends, but he still feels the public.

I have 'absorbed' in the All I, or people who 'absorb' dala Universal Soul, or the feeling that 'absorb' the feeling of the Universal Kingdom, or the self 'absorb' the Universe Self-Raya, will not feel weak, do not feel difficult, would not feel bad, and do not feel sorrow, and will not feel lonely.

Explanation to-43

I is not proud and not proud. People who have known he admits has no properties such as takabbur reprehensible, arrogant, haughty, stingy, malicious, treacherous, afraid to ghairullah, gossiping, lower, and so forth.

The properties need not be blamed for it. The reprehensible nature itself all gone and replaced with admirable qualities.

What would dimegahkan, dikhuatirkan, fear, and so on because I was actually nothing. I was empty. That there is only God in fact. He has everything. He should be praised and adored.

Explanation to-44

I was educated. His knowledge is knowledge spillover. Knowledge that includes the note. What is known is the content of science. So I, his knowledge and that knowledge is actually 'united', 'together', and no divorce.

I know it. What I know is I content knowledge. Various known to the ME. All I was content knowledge. All is not divorced from the ME.

Explanation to-45

I actually was only subject to God alone. It is not ruled by anyone. Nature is subject to the ME. Creatures that are subject to the ME with Allah, His commands.

I was the Caliph of Allah or God's representative mngurus creature with its contents. All that is in heaven and on earth all for ME. If the world is cleaner, I AM the manager and the owner of lading is God.

He does not need any. I just need Him. I just wanted to the world. Creatures of all things is to ME (Insan). Everything is grace of God I (Allah). He made makhlukk to ME. Similarly, Wise ME.

Explanation to-46

I was really good in fact because it overflows Nur Allah, the Most Holy. The muss is pleasing that I associate with what and who nevertheless. To clean the droppings from the heart of polytheism is the Tawheed. Tauhid is like the water that purifies waste shirk from the heart. Net soul is the soul of faith.

By Tauhid makes life a person is brave, tawadhu ', patient, strong and brave as the soul of faith is exactly the Oneness of Allah and give up their trust in Allah, the Almighty.

With the remembrance of the heart will be calm and peaceful, would result in the spirit of unity in the penzikir it.

Explanation to-47

Relationship with God I iailah pehubungan like the sun with its light, like the waves of the sea, like water to ice. All this shows how I was feeling proximity to his Maker.

The other is like a painter with paintings, sculptor with a fine, the author of the essay, the author of the invention.This is to show that I like with this great universe are the signs or manisfestasi There is One God.

Explanation to-48

I still mengisbatkan God in all things and actions are. Which means I still see God behind everything that maujud (what is) and "visible" actions and behavior and in which direction there looking "see" God.

As such it looks so I would say, "No maujud except Allah." This is the speech of people who have been "drowned" in the belief that the ocean is in view of solely spiritual. These are the people who have reached the station Sufi Fana Fillah (lost in God) and so Baqa Billah (eternal with God).

Explanation to-49

I really just glorifying and worshiping Allah alone. It does not glorify anything at all besides Allah. In your view, I do not have a strong and brave but Allah. There is no God but wise. There is no God except the rich.

All wealth, prowess, intelligence, beauty is just overflowing ghairullah gift of God alone. Thus, I stick with praise and praise to God alone.

Explanation to-50

I have the ultimate knowledge. Spillover of knowledge is knowledge of God. All of the mini-style in the knowledge I have. In the knowledge I have of heaven, hell, the world, the hereafter, angels, demons and even the whole creation of God. All the knowledge I have because I know all that. Has been notified by the revelations of Allah, the explicit and implicit, that all things are there and I believe in and 'feel' there. That is why I have the knowledge that covers everything. All that is overflowing grace of God alone.

Explanation to-51

According to the philosophy of Sufis, I was the man that Small Man Saghir. Great universe of the unseen and the seen, the Human mighty of god or big man. Human Saghir Saghir is the Natural Environment and Human KEIL Alam Kabir was great.

Such as the alleged facts in the Human Kabir or the great people in the Human Saghir. Human ideas that Kabir is reflected in the Human Small-Saghir or the Human Environment.

Alam Kabir that contains the soul of nature, environment and natural mithal physical or physical. This natural eco-Saghir also have the personnel or human. The human element, the element of spirit, mithal, as the body is composed of Nature also elements of soul, and physical mithal.

Spirit is life or soul or 'life'. The physical or body mass. Mithal is between soul and body are termed mental or imaginary, or the mind (mind).

Alam Kabir ideas in Saghir Alam (men). Human fact Kabir (the Great Nature) in the Human Human Saghir. Kabir elements, there are also small in Natural or man.

So with that said I was ayangan or copy Alam Kabir. I also was a shadow or a copy of the Human Kabir. Human Nature Kabir and Kabir are all names for one entity or self.

Thus the theory of philosophy of the Sufis in the opinion of some Sufis.

Explanation to-52

I was away.Human self is divided into three parts according to part of the Sufi, the physical part, the exemplary and the spiritual.

Spirit Elements is the true self. That itself is not 'die' in accordance with normal terms. This self-moving nature of the universe only to one another nature. Self is a noble and a paragraph or light of God. Noble and high incidence.

Exemplary elements are the elements of the physical to the spiritual. It was self-layer of a second. This includes the mind, mind and soul is not physical and is not even a real spirit. This self can travel in the dream when we sleep.

In the third layer of self iailah our gross physical body which is composed of four elements of the water element, the element of wind, the elements of fire and earth elements. Self requires four elements to be alive. Life will only exist after the four elements that are available.

That's three man. However, the element of spirit is what is most important. The spirit is alive. Without a 'live' the two other layers does not work. Adana themselves with the spirit then we can think, communicate, eat, drink, play, move and so on.Without the spirit everything will be stiff, dead, and no longer useful.

Explanation to-53

There are also people who felt envious of people is divided into two elements, namely the spiritual and physical sahaj. Including the spiritual element of life or soul, and mind, mind, imagination, intellect, and the like. All this is spiritual or psychological nature.

The nature or kebadanan kejasmanian include gross body like head, body, legs, hands, ears, eyes, and consisting of the elements fire, wind, soil and water.

Both these elements of spiritual and kebadanan interact with each other, mutual influences affect each other. If a person is his hard, or sad, these feelings can affect physical as not feel like eating and drinking, and consequently the body so thin and unhealthy. Conversely, if the sick body, mind and was worried the heart and soul of this burden. Thus the influence affecting the physical and spiritual.

Explanation to-54

Each person must do everything possible to be acquainted with him that it is true that spiritual or religious nature so that it does not waste his life in this mortal world. Our lives are not in this world. Our lives will go on to the eternity of the Hereafter is no end. There, the bad or good is not measured in terms of wealth, many children, not the stars or medals or awards earned the rank of the world. The value of a good and bad in there depends on faith and good deeds a person.

With our recognized her true to ourselves, we will not despair, no fear, no fear in the Ark browsing our lives. This is because we know ourselves we are lovers of God. Obviously the person who loves a lover would be ill. In fact, Allah will love us more than the mother loves her favorite son. It is the Love of His servants.

By knowing ourselves, we are not arrogant, cocky, arrogant, jealous, jealous, treacherous because we know who we are. Attributed to God Almighty, we are nothing, only the verses alone. If attributed to mankind, we are the rulers and managers.God created the universe and the creatures that we (as individuals), and we to him. Similarly, the word of the Sufis.

Explanation to-55

Our body is the apparent disclosure of our inner self. The inner self that we are invisible to the naked eye. To see the inner self that we needed a shadow of this apparent. So it is said that the gross body is only 'carry' or 'ride' or 'cage' of the body is hidden.

When life was separated from the body, the body remained, and eventually decay and be destroyed except by the will of Allah, there is also a body that does not decay after a long life left. Ladies and gentlemen, but the habit of the body will be destroyed or perish. That said the land back to the ground.

There are also people in the world to see this 'shadow' or 'board' who have long died as his acting and playing the world's first. That was not the person is actually the body. His body was destroyed destroyed. 'Shadow' or 'board' is from the natural elements mithal. Natural mithal is subtle nature, which the occupants or the contents are not destroyed.It is not merely the spirit nor the body alone. It is between these two elements.

As we emphasize first, we are comprised of three elements, namely elements of the body, which will hanur except as Allah wills not to be destroyed, mithal elements that are not destroyed but kept in 'natural mithal' and the third element of this iailah spirit and live forever , is not destroyed and not returned to the real world.

'Board' or 'shadow' of the dead are seen by the people in this world and accepted as they were before, I live, is actually characterized mithaliyyah (mithal). Occasionally it seems the people who live in this world just like any hidupna ago, but can also speak to people who are in this world. It has happened anywhere else in the world, both in the West or East.

Once we understand the nature of the three, then we wonder why there are not people who claimed to see something and somebody when that person has died. Natural mithal there but not visible unless they are opened, the veil to see nature and its inhabitants.

Similarly, the theory part of the Sufi.

Explanation to-56

For I know the essentials that need to be patient and try to guide teachers who are experts in the field of spirituality and the Sufis, and a lot of thought and remembrance of Allah and seek guidance and guidance from Allah SWT. I like our consolation, Ruyung be solved, only then can sagunya. Ruyung subdivision shall be guided by the experts who know how to solve Ruyung how to break it down and pemecahnya tools should also be suitable.

Another is like, I said to shadow the essentials or sentence or the disclosure of the Most I (ie God) is like a goal or destination. Before sampaike destination we need to travel or walk with or without a motor vehicle to a place in that direction. So we do not get lost, we have the pilot or 'guide' that we get to the actual place. We need to fast until the vehicle is, if you walk away without a vehicle lambatlah up.After arriving we should get a confirmation from the pilot that the place we go it has to, after all the place we go that we never see, maybe we are concerned or in doubt whether the place. After that legitimate place we go, so we Puspiptek adventure. If we had been in the place of destination, then loosed us to enjoy and experience or experience in such circumstances.

As word of those Sufis, "anyone know him will know his Lord." Knowing God by knowing ourselves is the way or do those mystics. This does not mean we are the same with God. We fixed ourselves. We are not God. He still associates with God without the other. We keep ourselves to ourselves as well. But to know yourself is apatlah we know God.

As we emphasize in the explanations of the foregoing, I, or we ourselves are signs or symptoms or a vision of God. Substance of God, nicknamed by members of the Sufi as Kunhi Substance '(FCS alone), does not reach into the knowledge or inspiration or MENTRI us. In short, science and MENTRI we did not get there. But the shadow or revelations or discovery can we know.

The sun is dazzled our eyes behold her reflection in the water but we can look without damaging the eye. The wind can not be seen but if it leaves is a sign of wind sway. Spicy is not to be seen, but the chili or chili can be seen. This is the parable or the like. Think about it.

We are like shadows, leaves, chili today. With the shadow of the owners can be called a shadow. By looking at the swaying leaves, note the presence of angina. We are able to feel the spicy chili.

The most important question those who are expert in the field of spirituality and the Sufis. Do not ask for a non-member, because every existing knowledge of its members. Members who understand that knowledge and understanding of science is known and diamalnya.


So I briefly about this point of view of Philosophy Sufis.If there is one and correct erroneous haraplah because the author is not a specialist in this field, but simply a 'translator' to translate the ideas in this short translation of knowledge in the field of philosophy or the philosophy of Sufism Sufis into this short pamphlet with a simple Bahasa Malaysia to be understood by the public.

Hopefully this brief brochure to add another book or pamphlet treasures in the polar khannah or library books or pamphlets Sufis or Sufism in Malaysia for those who do not understand the reading of books or pamphlets in languages other Sufis.

Perhaps Allah will always give guidance and guidance for all of us.

Amen, Amen, O Rabbal'alamin.


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